Top 4 Reasons To Choose Aluminum Screen Enclosure Materials

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Aluminum Screen Enclosure Materials

Most screen enclosures tend to look the same as many of these enclosures are built to allow light and air into the area while also blocking out other elements and insects. Not all screen enclosures are designed to be the same and the materials that are put into a screen enclosure can often differ and have a large impact on the overall lifespan of the enclosure. Aluminum screen enclosures are known to be the best on the market. To completely understand what goes into a high-quality aluminum screen enclosure, it’s important to explore the main qualities to consider with one of these systems:


Every element of the aluminum screen enclosure needs to face the outside world and the challenges that weather will pose to the screen enclosure. Structural aluminum has a natural oxide coating and the coating can serve as a protective barrier for most any type of weather. This can include protecting against wind, salt, and water. Aluminum can also handle a series of temperature changes quite well and with the coding, there is a dual-layer of protection against moisture as well as warping with the temperature. 


The outside of the steel enclosure may look strong but after a few months of use the signs of wear and tear can quickly add up. Many of the top manufacturers have created a material that is strong enough to stand up against the rigors of space flight. Around two-thirds of the aluminum products that are on the market today are heavily tested for their durability and for the chance that they can offer the best in affordability and strength. 


Aluminum screens can be one of the safest choices for safety. Aluminum is a non-toxic product and this makes it an excellent choice for people that have children, it’s not prone to corrosion and offers a lower risk of flaking materials or breakage. Aluminum is also a significantly lighter choice for construction and this can ease the process of installation and the strain on your home’s structural integrity. 

Environmentally Friendly Option

Aluminum is a choice, it’s extremely green and there are not many choices on the market that are as environmentally friendly. As aluminum is a naturally occurring element that can be found in massive quantities, it’s fairly easy to cultivate and manufacture and it can also be recycled. A large number of aluminum contractors are working to create screen enclosures of mostly recycled materials. 

Consider some of these top four reasons and more if you are interested in accessing a quality aluminum screen enclosure for your home. Making sure that you’re installing aluminum can be an excellent choice for accessing the best products on the market and making sure that you are getting the best installation for your home. You can get the job done right by choosing an aluminum screen enclosure. 

Contact us today and we can quote the process of installation aluminum screen enclosure or screen pool enclosures in Tampa on your home. An aluminum screen enclosure can look great today and well into the future. If you are seeking a quality screen enclosure, you should highly consider the option of installing aluminum for its environmentally friendly, durable, safety, and strength-based approach. It’s difficult to consider any other product as being in equal measure for a steel enclosure or addition on the rear of your home. 

If you would like to learn more about aluminum screen enclosures in Tampa or you’d like to receive a free quote on aluminum enclosures for your home, contact our team today. We can come out to your home and measure the area where you would like the enclosure to be installed, we can prepare a detailed quote on your quality aluminum screen enclosure in Tampa Fl

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