High-Quality Aluminum Pool Enclosures

High-Quality Aluminum Pool Enclosures

In Florida, nearly every home has an outdoor pool. With a pool comes extensive maintenance costs and time to keep it clean. For some, it gets to the point of spending more time cleaning their pool than actually enjoying it!

An aluminum pool enclosure provides reliable protection so you can spend more time in the water instead of cleaning it. With tropical storms, hurricanes, and harmful UV rays, pool enclosures remain essential for maintaining the integrity of your pool in Largo, FL, and surrounding areas like Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Seminole.

Benefits of an Aluminum Pool Enclosure

Screen pool enclosures create a practical structure over your pool that acts as an extension of your home. Custom screen panels between the aluminum structure provide superior protection from the elements.

An aluminum enclosure beautifully frames your pool, creating a relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy year-round. An aluminum pool enclosure offers other benefits, including the following:

Less maintenance

Swimming pool enclosures help keep your pool water clean by blocking leaves, dirt, and other debris from blowing into your pool. A closed pool will significantly reduce the time you spend fishing unwanted junk out of the water that can clog your filter.

Deter pests

Bugs, rodents, and alligators often find their way into residential pools. Pool enclosures in Largo, FL, can stop these pests from entering your pool area. Relaxing by the pool without constantly swatting away mosquitos is the best way to enjoy your outdoor space.

Extra protection from the elements

An aluminum pool enclosure offers added protection from the harsh UV rays of the Florida sun. UV rays damage your skin and cause the chlorine in your pool to evaporate more quickly, leading to imbalances in your pool’s pH levels.

Use your pool year-round

A pool cover allows you to swim comfortably during a rain storm, high winds, and cooler outdoor temperatures. A pool enclosure can become an extension of your home, with the ability to control the temperature and humidity levels. Such flexibility guarantees that you and your family will use your pool more often.

Added security

An enclosure for your pool can protect your family, pets, and neighborhood. An outdoor pool without a fence or lock creates a hazard for small children and pets who may find their way into the pool.

Increased privacy

A custom enclosure offers additional privacy away from the prying eyes of neighbors in your outdoor oasis. Whether you want to have a drink in your hot tub or enjoy a morning swim before work, a pool enclosure gives you total peace of mind.

High-Quality Pool Enclosure in Largo, FL

Pyramid Aluminum is an Award-Winning Pool Enclosure Company

Our enclosures have won numerous industry awards and we tackle projects other companies will not. If it can be built, we can do it. Of course, all our installations meet or exceed Florida’s strict building codes.

You can relax when your pool project is installed by Pyramid Aluminum. Be confident that your enclosure is designed, engineered and built for safety, ease of maintenance, durability and comfort while enjoying the Florida outdoor lifestyle, day or night.

Pool Enclosures in Largo, Clearwater & St. Petersburg, FL

Pyramid Aluminum offers excellent pool enclosures in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Seminole, Largo, and the surrounding areas. A beautiful aluminum custom enclosure for your outdoor pool adds value to your home while increasing curb appeal. An enclosure can also prevent pests, debris, and unwanted visitors from entering your pool.

As with anything, quality materials, professional service, and expert artistry will provide the best outcome. Designing a custom pool enclosure with a reputable aluminum company that stands by its warranty ensures you get the pool enclosure of your dreams.

For high-quality custom pool enclosures in Largo, FL, call the pool professionals of Pyramid Aluminum at 727-585-8441 for your free quote.