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We specialize in customized railing design, fabrication and installation for commercial, residential, and public spaces.

We specialize in customized railing design, fabrication and installation for commercial, residential, and public spaces.

Providing Safe, Attractive Railing Solutions for Properties

Our team creates one-of-a-kind railings to match our clients’ unique architectural visions.

As premier railing installation experts in Pinellas County, Pyramid Aluminum specializes in creating stunning, functional railings tailored to each client’s unique residential or commercial property. We collaborate closely with customers to determine optimal railing solutions that enhance safety by meeting Florida building codes while complementing your existing architecture. Our in-house team handles the entire process from initial design and permitting to fabrication and professional installation of customized railings made from quality materials. With expertise in all settings – including balconies, stairs, walkways, pools, docks and seawalls – we utilize durable finishes that resist corrosion while matching your property’s look. By combining transparent pricing, adherence to current railing codes, and custom fabrication, Pyramid Aluminum enhances beauty, safety and value. Trust us for railings tailored specifically for your Pinellas County property.

Benefits of Aluminum Railings

Balcony Railings

Balconies are a great way to extend your living space outdoors. With the right balcony railing designed and installed by experts, you can ensure safety while maximizing your views. Our balcony railing options include sleek, durable aluminum or traditional wrought iron to match any architectural style – perfect for homes, condos, apartments, offices and more across Pinellas County. With expertise in horizontal, vertical, and mixed layouts, we install secure balcony railings with optimal aesthetics.

5 Benefits Of Aluminum Railings

Stairs & Stairwells Railings

Safe, code-compliant stair and stairwell railings are essential for any home or commercial property. We construct indoor and outdoor stair railings from top-grade metals, woods and iron that balance customized style with critical safety factors like grip size, strength, spacing and height. Our code-compliant stair railings in Pinellas County maximize safety in any private, public or commercial setting.

Experience unparalleled durability and design with railings that define the standard for quality in outdoor living spaces.

Walkway Railings

Elegant and safe walkway railings are crucial when navigating raised beds, pond edges, and other elevated areas of your residential or commercial property. We install sturdy walkway railings to guide and protect people navigating custom landscapes. With minimal support for better visibility, our powder coated metal, iron and wood walkway railings balance safety and aesthetics for private yards, public spaces and commercial sites across Pinellas County.

Pool Railings

An inviting pool area starts with secure pool railings installed by experts in Pinellas County. We design secure pool railings with closely spaced pickets or horizontal infills that restrict access yet maintain visibility. Our customized designs match your vision while meeting strict safety codes for residential, community and hotel pools.

Dock Railings

Installing secure dock railings is key to enhancing safety along waterfront walkways. Our marine-grade, powder coated aluminum dock railings withstand sun, salt and moisture while maximizing waterfront views, incorporating useful accessories, and controlling access. We expertly install dock railings at private piers, residential communities, marinas and boating facilities across Pinellas County.

Seawall Railings

Securing seawalls with proper railings is crucial for waterfront properties along lagoons, Intracoastal Waterways and oceans. With expertise serving Pinellas County’s coastal communities, we install seawall railings specifically designed to endure oceanfront conditions with corrosion resistant aluminum. Our railings enhance safety while integrating with steps, the docks and existing architecture in private yards, public walkways and commercial waterfronts.

Elevating safety and architectural harmony, our railings are a testament to the importance of precision in every detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of railings do you offer for oceanfront properties in Pinellas County?

A: We offer customized aluminum railings designed specifically to withstand oceanfront conditions. Our marine-grade, powder coated aluminum seawall railings resist corrosion while enhancing safety along the seawall. We can incorporate minimal uprights to maximize waterfront views.

Q: Do your stair railings meet safety codes in Pinellas County?

A: Yes, all of our indoor and outdoor stair railings are designed to comply with the latest railing safety codes in Pinellas County and throughout Florida. We construct secure grip sizes, spacing, heights and strength to optimize stair safety.

Q: Can you match existing architecture with pool railings in Pinellas County?

A: Absolutely. We work closely with clients to design customized pool railings that enhance safety according to strict codes while complementing your existing vision and architectural style. We can match styles from modern to Mediterranean to maximize your pool area aesthetics.

Q: How do you minimize uprights on Pinellas County dock railings?

A: We utilize strong horizontal and vertical members in our marine-grade dock railing construction to allow for fewer uprights. This opens up waterfront views while maintaining safety along docks. We can also integrate useful accessories like lighting, storage and cleats.

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