5 Important Benefits of Pool Screen Enclosures

5 Important Benefits of Pool Screen Enclosures

Going for a swim after a tiring day at work or taking a plunge in the water to refresh yourself sounds like a great plan. Doesn’t it? Water truly is the elixir of life whether you drink a glass full of it or decide to take a dip in a pool! However, finding bugs, frogs, or even debris in the clear blue water just before you dive in could be a major put-off, no? Fortunately, that’s where pool screens enclosures come into play. Not only this, they protect swimmers from the harmful radiation of the sun during the peak of summers. Although not a common opinion, pool screen enclosures actually enhance your swimming experience in many ways. If you aren’t already, you might just be convinced by reading the following benefits! 

Important Benefits of Pool Screen Enclosures

Although it initially seems like a big investment, the list of benefits definitely supersedes the costs!

Provide shade from the heat 

Hear us out. What is that one thing always applied before making its way into the pool? If you don’t recall, it’s sunscreen! Well, this task is easily eliminated with the help of a pool screen enclosure. Although sunlight is still somewhat present, the sun’s rays’ harmful UV radiation can be avoided, and being near the pool becomes much more bearable!! Also, you wouldn’t need to worry about re-applying the lotion every few minutes to avoid a sunburn, which can cause serious skin problems in the long run. Another interesting benefit that is lesser known is that the protection from the sun increases the life of the chlorine that is added to the pool. So basically, this is just like killing two birds with one stone!

Pool Screen Enclosures

Enclosures keep the pests away! 

You are just going to climb down the steps of the pool when suddenly you notice a fog floating near the edge of it. It can definitely be a mood spoiler! One problem that all pool owners might agree on is the tediousness associated with keeping the space clean from insects and pests all the time. Be it mosquitos, bugs, lizards, mice, or frogs and spiders, they can become a huge pain before a swim. This is a huge reason that pool screen enclosures are installed around to allow owners to relax near the pools without constantly worrying about swatting at the flies and mosquitoes or, worse, being annoyed by bugs or frogs! 

Maintain the much-needed privacy

If you are a rich tycoon with a mansion completely located far away from others, then the enclosures might not be a source of concern. However, if you live in a residential area where houses are adjacent to each other, then maintaining the family’s privacy could become a problem without them. Not only do screen enclosures prevent excess sound from going outside, but they are also most certainly available in molecularly designed digital prints that can be bonded on the screens to maintain privacy. 

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The icing on the cake is the added style to the overall look!

Can withstand wind as well as water evaporation

If it’s summer, the water in the pool will slowly keep drying out while in windy or cold weather, strong winds can ruin the ambiance of a swim while bringing in debris and dust along the way. So what’s the solution? A pool screen enclosure, of course, that can prevent such problems! 

Pool enclosures keep the routine debris out 

Debris such as broken or wilted flowers, leaves, or even dirt occasionally litters the pool. Either sweeping or vacuuming the area could be done, but it is an ongoing duty that requires occasional attention and could be a hassle!

 A screen enclosure includes walls and a roof, so falling debris is deterred.

Bottom Line

If you have a pool or are constructing one, a pool screen enclosure would be a wise idea to work on! It protects the pool, you, and your dear ones! For more information about how to purchase custom pool screen enclosures contact us today.

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