10 Advantages of A Florida Pool Enclosure

10 Advantages of A Florida Pool Enclosure

In Florida, the most important commodity for people is to have a backyard or a pool in a screen enclosure. As the name designates, a screen enclosure is made up of screen walls, and roofs. It is typically made up of aluminum material and is a very useful product for a storm-prone area but if you are living in a place that is usually affected heavily by storms and you don’t have a screen enclosure installed then, your family members may be at a risk. Here are some of the major benefits of installing a Florida pool enclosure in your backyard:


1. It Protects The Pool From Direct Sunshine

Enclosures for pools protect us from direct sunshine, as we know Florida is also known as the sunshine state because it never runs out of sunny days but it is better to keep ourselves away from direct sunlight as it may damage our skin, UV rays can affect our body. But if we have a screen enclosure it will filter the direct sunlight and also keeps the pool warmer.

2. The Pool Remains Clean

If you have a pool enclosure installed then your pool is going to be cleaner than ever. Screen enclosures prevent the outside dirt to get inside the pool water so there’s no need for regular pool cleaning.

3. Great Security

The best benefit of having a screen enclosure installed is the security of unwanted visitors. For example, it will provide safety from insects, bugs, snakes, and other harmful creatures.

4. More Space In Your Homes

Another great feature of a screen enclosure is that it adds more space to your home. It adds another living space beside the pool and it also furnishes an outdoor kitchen, bar, dining area, etc.

5. Increase Your Relaxation And Enjoyment

If you want to enjoy your best around the pool then you must have a screen enclosure. It gives you space where you can relax for a while and also entertain your friends during the summer season.

6. Easily Combat Strong Winds And Storms

Florida is a hurricane-prone state that is why it is mandatory to create enclosures in order to withstand strong winds that are up to 135 miles per hour or more.

7. Increase Property Value

In Florida, the value of the property increases if it has a screen enclosure installed. Buyers want a space where they can relax and feel enjoyable. In case you don’t want to sell your property then also having a screen enclosure makes your space noticeable for neighbors and relatives.

8. Save Energy Cost

A screen enclosure is quite cost-effective too. By having a screen enclosure covered over your pool, you don’t have to warm water again and again as your enclosure itself is going to provide an optimum temperature.

9. Reduce Water Evaporation

Because of the presence of a screen enclosure, the water evaporation process slows down considerably and so that you can save your pool water.

10. Reduction In Algae Growth

Creating a pool screen enclosure helps in reducing a considerable amount of algae growth inside the water as it doesn’t get enough sunlight to grow.

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