Why Should You Get a Swimming Pool Enclosure?

In the United States, there are around 10.4 million residential swimming pools. If you are the lucky owner of a residential swimming pool, you know how nice it is to enjoy a day by the pool. However, what if there was an upgrade that could improve this experience even more? 

A pool enclosure is this upgrade. It is essentially the next step in pool ownership, enhancing the pool and the area around it. Let’s find out why you should look into a swimming pool enclosure right now!

Eliminate Problems from Weather

Pools are great, but there are far too many occasions when swimming isn’t possible. If it is raining or cold, it is a lot harder to enjoy the pool experience. 

One of the biggest benefits of pool enclosures is that they allow you to swim without worrying about the weather. If you have a nice day by the pool all planned out, you don’t have to worry about a raincloud spoiling it. 

The enclosure around the pool protects against rain. It also provides additional heat, as the greenhouse effect will warm the area naturally. This allows you to swim even when it is raining or cold. 

Pools are an expensive investment and you want to ensure you get the value from them that you expect. However, if weather limits your use of the pool, then the value you get from it is limited as well. Thus, the best pool enclosures help your pool reach its full potential. 

Protect Against Pests

Relaxing by the home swimming pool can be a fantastic way to unwind after a long day. However, this experience can be ruined by a variety of annoying pests. 

Bugs are particularly annoying in this regard. They fly around populated areas, land on food, and even fall into the pool. To prevent bugs from becoming a problem, an enclosure is necessary, as a fence does next to nothing to stop them.  

Some bugs can even be legitimately dangerous. Mosquitoes carry a variety of different diseases that can directly impact your health. Preventing a mosquito bite can help prevent these diseases. 

There are also other pests out there besides bugs. Rats, frogs, and lizards can all creep in from the surrounding area and make their way into your pool. This creates a mess that you will end up needing to clean. 

An enclosure creates a barrier between the world around your pool and the world of pests. It can be your main line of defense against these annoying and dangerous animals. 

Add Privacy and Protection

A pool enclosure doesn’t just protect you from weather and bugs, it also protects you from other people. 

Part of this comes from additional privacy. A pool enclosure gives you more privacy than what would be offered by a fence or a gate. This is particularly noteworthy when it comes to sound, as your neighbors can clearly hear you through a fence but probably will be unable to through a pool enclosure. 

It also adds a level of security to the property. With a fence or a gate, trespassers can simply jump over the barrier and they immediately have access to your pool and the area around it. With a pool enclosure, breaking in becomes far more difficult. 

Keep Dirt and Debris Away

When a pool is open to the air around it, it is inevitable that strong winds will blow in dirt, leaves, or even trash. This turns a beautiful swimming pool into something unappealing. 

A pool enclosure protects against this. If the entire area is enclosed, then there is no place for dirt and debris to make its way in. 

This will reduce the number of times you will have to clean your pool. With an unenclosed pool, you may be used to skimming it every day. Under an enclosure, these cleanings can become more infrequent. 

Prevent UV Exposure

When discussing things that can ruin a day at the pool, sunburn is at the top of the list. When swimming, you open yourself up to exposure to the sun. However, too much exposure can negatively impact your health. 

A pool enclosure essentially provides an additional layer of protection between you and the sun. This helps at all times, as UV exposure is always troublesome. 

For example, when using sunscreen, there is still a chance you will forget to reapply it in time or that you will miss a spot. In addition, there will be times when you only want to go by the pool for a few minutes and, thus, don’t put on sunscreen. In these cases, having an extra layer of protection out there is helpful. 

Raise the Value of Your Home

Any addition to your home adds a little value to the property. Building a pool, in general, adds value. Pool enclosures are no different, especially when you choose the right pool enclosure.  

Simply having another structure on the property is attractive. It adds to the amount of square footage within the residence, which adds to the value. 

However, pool enclosures are particularly valuable in locations where they offer significant benefits. This means that locations dealing with troublesome weather and pesky bugs can advertise the fact that their pool enclosure eliminates these hassles. This gives your property an edge over other properties in the area. 

The Benefits of a Swimming Pool Enclosure

A swimming pool enclosure transforms an ordinary pool into something better. It adds utility, gives a layer of protection, and even increases the value of the property. In general, they are something that every pool owner should consider. 

If you want to get a pool enclosure for your home, make sure to contact Pyramid Aluminum for a free estimate. 

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