Why Do Contractors Prefer Aluminum Canopies Over Steel?

Are you looking to learn more about why aluminum canopies make the ideal canopy that contractors recommend installing? You might assume that steel has all the advantages, but we will break down the reasons why contractors prefer aluminum canopies.

Why Contractors Prefer Aluminum Canopy Solutions

Why do contractors want to use aluminum for canopies instead of steel? Professional installers know the many qualities that make aluminum the preferred material for canopies over steel. Explore the primary reasons why your contractor will use aluminum for your canopy system below.

Aluminum Materials Are Lightweight

Aluminum canopies prove far more lightweight than canopies of steel. A steel canopy would need more materials to reinforce the supports and can easily become clunky and unappealing.

Lightweight materials help speed up the creation and installation of your custom canopy. Lighter materials also cost less to transport, reducing your overall project costs in multiple ways.

Aluminum Is Incredibly Durable

Steel is strong, but the problem with steel stems from its susceptibility to developing rust after exposure to water. The iron within the steel allows moisture and oxygen to deteriorate the surface and endanger the integrity and aesthetic of the canopy.

Since your canopy aims to catch and direct water away from you, your loved ones, and your belongings on a regular basis, you want to use a material that offers increased resistance to water and oxidation. Aluminum doesn’t rust and won’t require repeated paintings to maintain its appearance over time.

Aluminum Canopies Are More Customizable

You can customize your aluminum canopy system to feature highly efficient, hidden gutter systems to direct the rainwater away from your foot traffic. Exposed downspouts become more prone to damage which will reduce the efficiency of your canopy and hinder the canopy lifespan.

You can also enjoy another benefit by using aluminum—a purely aesthetic one. The aluminum canopy fabrication process allows for a clean, pleasing finish that looks great from every angle.

While steel certainly has its advantages, aluminum proves far more suitable for your canopy goals.

Professional Customized Aluminum Canopies in Florida

Now that you see why canopy contractors prefer aluminum, you might be ready to learn more about getting your own canopy system. If you are ready to move forward with aluminum canopies for your project, Pyramid Aluminum in Florida offers professional canopy designs for every need.

The highly experienced aluminum experts on our team provide the utmost level of professionalism, attention, and craftsmanship, which allows them to deliver spectacular results for every product they make.

What can we do? Our customized canopy projects include the following:

  • Walkway coverings
  • Personal and corporate carports
  • Public pavilions
  • Weather shelters
  • Boat dock covers
  • Entryway awnings
  • And more

You can trust the team at Pyramid Aluminum to expertly design and craft the ideal aluminum canopies for your residence or commercial property. You will be able to rely on over 100 years of combined experience in creating high-quality aluminum products. Call 727-585-8441 today for a free estimate.

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