What Are Sunrooms In St Petersburg Fl?

The Florida room is simply an addition to a home’s side or back wall that has a roof. The popularity of the Florida room in Florida is what gives it its name. Sunrooms in St Petersburg Fl were used to cool off from the heat before air conditioning was a common household item. There’s so much to a sunroom!

The Florida room is no longer the same as the old-fashioned napping porches with rocking chairs, jalousie Windows, and terrazzo floors, but has gained a new status. It can be enjoyed in many decor styles, including contemporary, classical, and hybrid.

A Florida room is typically designed and built with one or more glass walls. There are also plenty of windows that allow for natural light and views of the surrounding landscape. You can also have fully functional outdoor kitchens, either Euro Style modular or with ample storage and seating. Pyramid Aluminum specializes in rust free, aluminum-built sunrooms while meeting or exceeding Florida Building codes!

Depending on the space available, Florida homeowners might choose a comfortable refuge with comfy furniture and a variety of plants. Or, they may add a dinette to extend their home and a sunroom in St Petersburg Fl might do just that!

Florida rooms can also be designed with heating/cooling units and insulation to provide optimal comfort. They can easily adapt to seasonal temperature changes, and be classified as a Four Seasons Room. A Florida room can increase the home’s value. When marketing a house for sale, it is common to leave a Florida room out of the total square footage (or Gross Pricing Area). It can be added to the GPA by adding heating or cooling.

You don’t want to heat or cool a Florida space. You can keep it as a traditional, screened-in patio. This will provide an outdoor feeling and protect you from any pesky insects. It can be used as an intermediary space between outdoor living spaces, such as a pool or outdoor kitchen, and some sitting areas.

Location – Florida room additions are usually added to existing structures by placing them on the backside of the house. This gives you more privacy but still allows you to enjoy the sun and keep healthy plants. People sometimes attach a Florida room to the side of their home, especially when the view is spectacular.

Culinary Corner Sunrooms in St Petersburg Fl can include an outdoor kitchen. This allows for prepping, food preparation, and eating in a safe area that is free from bugs, debris, and weather. Cabinetry can be used to house a grill and an overhead exhaust fan. There are also other amenities like a sink, mini bar, wine cooler, and ice maker. You can create a dining area that mirrors the indoor version, and then one-up it with stunning views of the landscape.

Glass Selection It is common for double-paned glasses to be used in constructions in Florida. This allows Florida rooms to remain warm and cozy in winter. The outer panes absorb the colder temperatures, while the inner panes absorb more of the room temperature. The doubling of the panes doesn’t affect the view and can make a big difference in controlling the temperature. You can also enclose your sunroom with a screen for more fresh air and no pesky bugs.

Light – Want even more light? You might consider adding one or more skylights to your home. The room will feel warm and cozy thanks to the increased natural light. This Florida room is popular because it allows you to take in the natural light even when it is cold outside.

Windows the World. Window styles can make a big difference. They can add more light to your windows, just like clerestory-style and above-eye-level.

Light A Fire – A fireplace or pellet stove can be used as a warming device for the season.

Florida Room Decorating Ideas

After the Florida room has been designed and constructed, it is time to decorate. There are many Pinterest boards and Instagram hashtags that offer ideas for decorating Florida rooms. We’ll just list a few to increase the excitement.

Plant It– Do you want to give your sunrooms in St Petersburg Fl a conservatory vibe? As accents, you can use giant urns filled with dried branches and/or ferns. Or go all green and house a variety of live plants and a bench. They will thrive in the sun. There are many options when decorating your Florida room.

Close the Curtains Drapery panels are becoming more popular in Florida rooms. Climate drapes are lined to protect the space from the elements and are resistant to fading due to constant sunlight exposure.

Light it Up – Create a reading corner with oil lamps and lanterns for after-dark illumination.

Cozy up – Soft cushions and accent pillows make furniture inviting and comfortable, including counter stools and dinette seats.

Sunrooms in St Petersburg Fl can be decorated in any design that you like and range in price.

Are you interested in speaking with a professional designer about adding an outdoor kitchen into a Florida bedroom? Then contact us today to receive a free estimate!

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