The Benefits of a Screened-in Pool

Are you interested in protecting your outdoor living space with a screened-in pool area? Do you know what else these enclosures can do for your lifestyle? Learn more about the benefits of installing a pool screen enclosure before you dive into this property investment.

How Does a Screened-in Pool Benefit You?

Homeowners can enjoy numerous benefits when protecting their pool areas with a screened-in enclosure. Explore these benefits below.

Reduce Damage From UV Rays

You already know that UV rays slowly damage and fade your outdoor furnishings. Did you also know that it also weakens the chlorine that keeps your pool sanitary and safe? A screened-in pool will reduce the unwanted impacts of the sun on your favorite outdoor living area.

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Do you keep catching your kids or the neighborhood kids sneaking into your private pool? Are you worried about keeping uninvited guests out of your outdoor living space?

You can prevent unsupervised swimming by installing a quality screen enclosure around your pool. This screen will keep children and pets safe against the risk of drowning in an unattended pool. An aluminum enclosure will also deter would-be trespassers and uninvited pool crashers.

Minimize Daily Maintenance and Cleaning Needs

Leaves, dirt, and wind-blown litter can make your pool look and feel disgusting. You can try to keep up with it and use your pool tools or a weekly pool cleaning service, or you can look for a smarter solution.

You can enjoy a reduction in pool maintenance by preventing this debris from getting into your pool area. An enclosure provides a perfect way to reduce everyday cleaning to maximize your enjoyment of your leisure space.

Additionally, the screened-in area will reduce water evaporation and lower the workload on your pool filter and pump. The enclosure helps you save money on your water bill and utility expenses.

Prevent Unwanted Pest Invasions

Are you tired of lighting anti-insect candles or torches that don’t seem to really work? You can finally stop waving off unwanted bugs with a professionally installed pool enclosure.

The screen material in the aluminum framework of the enclosure will help keep insects, pests, and other wild animals out of your leisure areas for the most enjoyable evenings possible.

Increase Your Privacy

It can be difficult to create a welcoming space that feels cozy and private in a tightly knit residential neighborhood. Thankfully, you can preserve your privacy with a custom enclosure to avoid prying eyes while you take laps in your pool or relax in your hot tub.

Professional Pool Enclosure Installation

Are you ready to invest in a screened-in pool for your outdoor living area? Do you want to experience the benefits of a custom enclosure for yourself? Pyramid Aluminum offers:

  • Custom single and multi-story screen designs
  • Complete enclosure fabrication
  • Professional pool screen installation

Pyramid Aluminum can help with high-quality pool enclosures to protect and beautify your outdoor pool and patio. Reach out to book your free estimate today by calling 727-585-8441.

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