Steel Vs Aluminum Handrails  

Steel Vs Aluminum Handrails 

One of the most common questions that we get from our customers comes down to the type of handrails that they should be installing. If you’re interested in investing your money in the right product, we can help guide you into the type of handrail that can come with the most advantages. This article will explain the differences between steel and aluminum handrails.

We’re going to compare these two materials and what might be expected of you for your daily maintenance, how they look aesthetically their durability, and more. We take a look into the ease of installation and cost here are some of the best decisions you can make:

For Aesthetics

When it comes down to aluminum versus steel handrails it’s important to choose a style that’s going to meet the needs of your business or home. Aluminum is much easier to style and cut and steel and can give you more options when it comes to aesthetic shaping. You can also add powder coating for aluminum handrails so that you could change up the color patterns for any type of handrail design. If you’re seeking more appearance options for your railing design, aluminum is by far the best option for your handrail selection. 


Steel and aluminum are extremely durable, to begin with, but a steel railing will rust over time. When moisture is a chance to chemically react inside the iron within the steel this can lead to resting and this will eventually cause holes, crevices, and cracks to form in your railing. If these items aren’t appropriately repaired the rust will continue through the steel and this causes ongoing breakage. Aluminum can be extremely durable even in harsh weather conditions.


Steel railings will rust if they’re not properly taken care of and proper maintenance for your steel often includes regular polishing, repainting, and cleaning. Aluminum handrails are an option that is much easier to install by an aluminum contractor and with the powder-coated finishes, there’s almost no maintenance that needs to be done with one of these installations. Powder coating ensures that you may simply need to spray them down from time to time and that can keep them at their cleanest. 


The way that the system is installed can play a fairly critical factor in determining the best materials for the railing systems. If the railing system is indoors it could be difficult to install steel because of the heavy equipment that is required to put the railing into place. Aluminum provides an improved level of flexibility throughout the installation process and with a simple mitre saw, you’ll be able to cut the aluminum porch railings so that they can fit into a project.

Overall Cost

The price of a handrail installation will vary based on the manufacturer butted the aluminum handrails will always cost less than a full-sized steel option. Choosing aluminum often comes with a huge advantage because this provides a combination of affordability, durability, and beauty. 

 When you compare the facts on aluminum versus steel handrails, aluminum handrails will cost less than steel ones. This offers a significant advantage especially when you are looking for materials that are going to be extremely durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. We would highly recommend the choice of aluminum handrails over heavy steel hand railings. This can, with numerous advantages for your business or your home and for the future costs associated with your project. Contact us for an installation today!

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