Expert Vinyl Siding Installation in Tampa Bay, FL

Expert Vinyl Siding Installation in Tampa Bay, FL

Your Vinyl Siding Installation Experts

Pyramid Aluminum recommends vinyl siding as the most practical material for home exteriors in Tampa Bay’s climate. Your house will continue to look fresh for years, while being virtually maintenance free.

We carry a full spectrum of siding products to enhance the beauty of any architectural style, whether contemporary or traditional:

  • Decorative shutters
  • Window and door casings
  • Mantels
  • Pediments

It’s important to evaluate the condition of the soffit and fascia of your home. Fascia is a covering over the ends of the roof rafters and protects the internal structures of your roof. Soffit covers the flat area under the eaves. Soffits not only protect the roof structure from the elements but also provide a vented outlet that allows hot summer air and moisture to exhaust to the outside.

Our soffit and fascia are available in either vinyl or aluminum. They come in vented, beaded, and solid styles. The wide variety of available colors allows you to add a harmonious or contrasting trim to your home’s color scheme.

Contact Pyramid Aluminum for more information about improving your home’s façade.

“I called and had an appointment with Wayne, the owner of Pyramid. He showed up on time and gave me all the information I needed for my soffits and gutters. The men showed up on the date promised. The guys at Pyramid were great—took their time and cleaned up and did a super job.”
Barry L. | Redington Beach