Screen Rooms: A Must-Have Feature Home Buyers Want

Florida alone is home to over 80 different species of mosquitoes. These troublesome pests can turn a fun evening outside into a week of itching and scratching. Plus, there is always a potential for disease transmission through mosquitoes. 

The prevalence of mosquitoes is turning screen rooms into a must-have feature of many homes. A screened-in porch adds both comfort and value to a house. Find out why this one feature is so beneficial right here. 

Keep Bugs Away

Everyone enjoys spending a little bit of time relaxing outside. However, the presence of bugs can add unnecessary frustration to time outside. Eliminating this frustration is one of the main uses of screen rooms.  

A screened-in porch is similar to a regular porch in that it allows air to flow freely through the area. Screens are also almost entirely see-through, so they create a minimal obstruction to the view. Essentially it allows you to feel like you are entirely outside. 

The only difference between being in a screen room versus actually being outside on a porch is that you are protected from bugs. Besides this, there aren’t any real downsides. 

This makes a screen room different from a sunroom. In a sunroom, you are still behind panes of glass, which disrupt the flow of air and make the room feel closer to the inside than the outside. 

Ultimately, the openness of screen rooms and their ability to deter pests make up their chief advantages. With one, you no longer have to choose between going outside and being protected from harmful insects. Instead, you can have both at once. 

Increase Home Value

A screened-in patio isn’t just a nice place to relax. It is also one of several home features that can increase the value of your property

Additions can be some of the best home upgrades to increase value. They increase the amount of space your house offers, which immediately increases its appeal. 

Screen rooms are an addition that exists both inside and outside. This gives it benefits that are not offered by other additions. With an experienced screen room builder, you can even create an addition that will perfectly suit your house’s specific needs. 

These types of rooms are particularly attractive in certain climates. In areas where the weather is warmer year-round and where people can spend a greater proportion of time outside, it offers more than in areas where it is colder. 

Screen rooms are also particularly useful if your home is in an area prone to bugs. This can range from houses with wooded areas in the backyard to houses near wetlands. Essentially, if your house is near places where bugs live and breed, it is prone to bugs. 

In these areas, the presence of bugs, especially mosquitoes, will be a negative feature of your house. A home tour that has prospective buyers constantly swatting away bugs is not a positive experience. By offering a screen room, you show that there is an outdoor place where prospective buyers can have a bug-free experience. 

Easily Upgrade Your Home

Those wondering how to increase home value without putting in a lot of time and effort will be particularly interested in screened-in rooms. 

As discussed already, a screened-in patio can be a great addition to any home. However, adding an addition to a house can be a time-consuming and intense process. It may not be something every homeowner will consider. 

Meanwhile, screening in an already existing patio can be a simple and straightforward process. Instead of adding an entirely new area to the house, it simply improves an already existing one. 

The amount of work required to screen in an already existing room is minimal. Yet, it offers plenty of benefits over a non-screened-in patio. Once again, this is particularly true for houses in warmer climates or for houses with bug problems. 

All of these reasons make this a great choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their house in small, yet meaningful, ways. 

Future-Proof Your Property 

Screen rooms are also a great way to future-proof your home. In 2021, there were only five human cases of West Nile Virus acquired in Florida. However, in 2020 there were fifty

There is always a potential for an insect-borne disease to make its way into the population or for a disease already present to increase in prevalence. For example, cases of Dengue fever are increasing in number almost every year. While the disease isn’t a problem in America at this time, there is no guarantee that this will be the case forever. 

If an insect-borne disease were to have an outbreak, the importance of screen rooms would skyrocket. A house without a screen room would provide the owner with no place to spend time outside without exposing themselves to potential illness. Meanwhile, a house with a screen room does not have this problem. 

In this type of environment, a screen room is important. It could end up being that critical factor in guaranteeing the sale. 

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, a screen room can help in the same way. If a disease spread by mosquitoes ever breaks out in your area, you don’t have to shelter inside. Instead, you can enjoy the outdoors within your screen room.  

Why You Should Consider Screen Rooms

Screen rooms can make the time you spend at home more enjoyable by giving you a relaxing place to spend time outdoors. They can also be a beneficial and valuable upgrade for your property. So, no matter what your end goal is, a screen room can help you. 

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