Pool Enclosures: How to Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round

Installing a pool in your backyard can add significant value to your home and provide a fun activity for friends and family. With Florida’s nearly endless swimming season, the Sunshine State offers the ideal environment for pool installation. However, is it possible to enjoy your favorite backyard water feature during the winter months?

Despite potentially colder temperatures, there is a way to enjoy your pool year-round without braving freezing water. Pool enclosures in Largo provide a perfect temperature control solution to keep your pool functional throughout the year.

Designed to retain warm air and sunlight, pool enclosures in Clearwater keep you swimming comfortably year-round. Learn more about pool enclosures and call professionals from Pyramid Aluminum to determine if installation is right for your Largo home.

Why Get a Pool Enclosure?

Pool enclosures offer necessary temperature control for families and homeowners hoping to use their pool comfortably year-round. Don’t let the winter weather ruin your chance at swimming and enjoying your yard’s best feature by considering pool enclosure installation today.

Advantages of Screen Pool Enclosures in Largo

Several benefits to pool enclosures make these features a worthy investment. Learn more about these advantages below.

Allow Year-Round Pool Use Through a Greenhouse Effect

Most people think it’s impossible that a porous pool enclosure can retain heat during the coldest seasons. The design of pool enclosures creates a greenhouse effect that provides heat year-round.

The vinyl sweep, integral to an enclosure’s frame, traps heat from exiting the enclosure. The combination of a greenhouse effect, airtight seal, and permeable screen for sunlight entry creates an ideal environment for swimming.

Protect Children and Pets From Drowning

Homeowners with pools, small children, and pets may worry about the potential drowning hazard these features bring. While fences are a common solution to this problem, many children can figure out how to thwart these barriers. Pool enclosures offer a more advanced solution, prohibiting children and pets from entering and accidentally drowning.

Protects Against UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays are among the top culprits causing issues like wrinkles, sunburns, and even skin cancer. Fortunately, pool enclosures block some UV rays from entering your pool area. Nevertheless, don’t forget to wear sunscreen to avoid the intense Florida sun since it can’t completely eliminate UV exposure.

Blocks Debris and Pests from Entering Your Pool Area

During extreme weather, landscaping and other natural debris could blow into your pool area. However, pool enclosures block branches, leaves, and twigs from entering your pool.

During the summer, increased humidity and sunlight in Florida usually means more bugs and pests. While extra bug spray may scare away some pests, pool enclosures provide an impenetrable barrier for these bugs so you can enjoy your pool day mosquito free.

Reduces Pool Cleaning Time

Since bugs, natural debris, wild animals, and other contaminants won’t be able to enter your pool area, pool enclosures in Seminole can limit pool cleaning time. If you usually hire professional pool cleaning services, this could decrease your need for them and save you money.

Increases Privacy in Pool Area

Even if your home has a fence and top-notch security, there is nothing like the feeling of privacy. Pool enclosures offer ultimate privacy, so you feel like you’re lounging at a private day spa.

Should I Use a Pool Cover?

While pool enclosures provide many benefits, there are still advantages to having a pool cover. Pool covers help avoid contamination from rainwater, overexposure to sunlight, and natural debris impacting your backyard’s water feature. Consider a tarp pool cover to accompany pool enclosures in St. Petersburg.

Hire Professionals to Install Pool Enclosures in Largo, FL

Call professionals with the tools and experience to install pool enclosures in Seminole. Pyramid Aluminum’s top-rated professionals provide high-quality customer service and timely installations.

For more information on installing pool enclosures in Largo, call (727) 585-8441 and get a free quote from Pyramid Aluminum today!

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