How to Properly Maintain Your Aluminum Car Port

The average cost of owning a car in the US is over $10,000. Almost half of this amount is from maintenance and repairs. You can lessen the maintenance and cleaning fees by having a car port.

Car ports are metal structures meant to protect your car from harsh elements. They are usually detached from the house and open at one side. Professional car port services can install them within a few hours.

An aluminum car port is an investment that can help preserve your car. Aluminum car ports can last for many years with proper maintenance. Keep reading to learn the steps in car port maintenance.

Importance of Car Port Maintenance

Car ports are outdoor structures that are also part of your home. They should receive the same care you give to other parts of your house. Maintaining them is essential to ensure that they do their job.

Maintaining an outdoor structure like a car port is a way to avoid accidents. It saves you from replacement costs.

Floor Maintenance

Car port floors usually have dirt and chemical buildup. Having proper cleaning tools and solution is crucial in keeping it spotless.

Regular sweeping can get rid of loose dirt and debris. For more stubborn stains, you can opt for a power washer. This step can bring the floors on your car port back to life.

Oil and grease cause chemical strains on the floor. It’s best to clean any spills right away to avoid accidents and stubborn stains. You can clean a fresh spill by sprinkling sawdust and letting it absorb the grease.

Some metal car port kits need concrete floors during installation. It provides support and a solid base. The concrete slabs also keep the roof from blowing away due to heavy wind.

Floor maintenance involves checking for cracks. These cracks can be from the fluctuating moisture in the soil. For small cracks, a self-mixing filler will do.

Big cracks could be from faulty plumbing or structural problems. It’s best to consult a professional to address this issue.

Clean and Check the Roof

Cleaning a roof can cost between $0.20 to $0.60 per square foot. It’s best to get your car port roof cleaned at least once a year. Regular roof cleaning makes it last longer and improves its look.

The roof is one of the essential parts of the car port. Roofs protect your car from the sun, rain, and even snow. It usually gets put through the most damage because of element exposure.

Strong winds can sometimes cause leaves to gather on the roof. Make sure to remove leaves that can soak up moisture. This situation can create excess load on your car port roof.

When inspecting the roof, look for leaks and rust. Doing this step prevents further deterioration and stops water from dripping.

Remember to ask a professional to patch the holes in your car port roof. This practice will ensure safety and quality of work.

Inspect the Walls

Some car ports come with three walls and a large open wall. Part of your maintenance routine should be inspecting the walls. This step will allow you to see holes that affect the car port performance.

Check for cracks and apply a water-resistant seal. It’s also best to use a silicate-based product for better protection.

Painting the walls on the outside serves as extra protection from the elements. Paint acts as a protective barrier that protects the walls from rusting.

Water Damage

Outdoor structures face more risks that come from water damage. This issue can cause structural damage. If not addressed immediately, the damage can get worse over time.

Some signs of water damage include wet or dark spots. These can grow into pools of water over time. This issue can cause damage to the floors and the foundation.

Find the cause of water damage to better address the issue. This issue can come from leaks on the roof and walls. Water damage can also be from plumbing systems that need maintenance.

Get Rid of Moss

Moss can attach itself to any material. It usually comes from the surrounding trees, decomposing leaves, and even bird dropping. It can trap moisture that can damage the structure over time.

You can start by using a mild scraper to remove moss on the surfaces. Be gentle to avoid scratching the aluminum structure. Next, scrub the surface using cleaning agents that won’t remove paint or scratch the surface.

Vinegar is also an effective solution for cleaning aluminum. You can mix equal parts vinegar and water to create cleaning solutions. Dip a cloth and scrub the surface you want to clean.

Take note that bleach can change the color of the metal. It’s best to avoid using it if you want to keep surfaces shiny.

Car port Rust and Oxidation

Car port metal gets exposed to moisture and air. This combination can cause the roofs and the foundation to rust. It affects the structure by making it weaker.

One way to prevent rust from damaging the structure is with paint. The paint acts as a barrier between the metal and the elements. Painting your car port is an affordable way to protect it from rust and damage.

You can protect aluminum surfaces from corrosion by applying a clear coating. Aluminum is great to use in building car ports and other outdoor structures. This metal is rust-proof and durable.

Check the Foundation

The integrity of any structure relies on its foundation. The foundation holds everything together. Checking the foundation of your car port allows you to see areas that need repair.

Car ports are outdoor structures that get exposed to water. Check the foundation for cracks or rust. Cracks and rust can become big problems and affect the foundation strength.

For steel car ports, check out for their dents. These can cause strain concentration on the foundation. Contact a professional to fix this issue as it involves your safety.

It’s best to do foundation inspections once or twice a year. Doing this will prevent damages from getting out of hand.

Aluminum Car Port Maintenance

Proper maintenance can make any structure last longer. It’s part of a safety routine that prevents accidents from happening. Remember that consistency is essential in keeping your car port looking great.

Car ports are versatile and easy to install. They can protect your car from the sun, rain, heavy winds, and more. Contact us today and get started on installing a car port for your house.

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