How Long Does A Pool Enclosure Last?

Do you ever wish you could enjoy your pool time without having to worry about pesky insects but don’t know anything about a pool enclosure? Pyramid Aluminum will make your dream a reality by installing a pool enclosure and informing you of its lifespan as well as giving you tips on improving its longevity. An enclosure can provide a great place to swim in any weather conditions. It also provides protection from the harmful UV rays of sunlight, helps to prevent pets and children from entering the pool, and allows you to maintain it more easily.

A pool enclosure is made from extra strong aluminum material. Swimming pool enclosures are durable and lightweight. It all comes down to the individual homeowner’s ideas. A pool enclosure can last for approximately five to twenty-five years. There are many materials that can be used for construction and maintenance. Each material has a different effect. A Pool enclosure can be a significant investment!

This article will tell you how long an enclosure lasts and help you choose the right type of enclosure to protect your family.

The quality of the construction and workmanship are key factors in pool cage construction. Pyramid Aluminum is a pool cage specialist with many years of experience. He also has great taste and a team of designers. Do not be afraid to ask for help with your pool enclosure design in the Tampa Bay area.

Pyramid Aluminum is located in Largo, FL. We pride ourselves on using the best quality materials and proven building techniques to ensure that your pool enclosure lasts.

Pinellas County is a great place to build with aluminum. Your home improvement project, a pool enclosure should look great despite Florida’s gulf coast weather. Pyramid Aluminum of FL is a Tampa Bay-based aluminum company. Our experts will recommend durable building materials that won’t deteriorate due to moisture or salt air. No matter the size of your project, you can expect innovative and expert designs. The personal attention that every project receives is evident in the numerous Awards of Excellence in Engineering, Design, and Overall Construction. Pyramid Aluminum provides both remodeling and new construction services. Our staff has more than 100 years combined experience in aluminum work. We can take care of everything for you: laying out the plans, taking measurements, engineering, manufacturing, and installing your pool enclosure. You can also install it yourself to save money.

We value your privacy, time, and money when it comes to building. Our staff works quickly and efficiently, with respect for you the homeowner. We are all familiar with the destruction hurricane season can cause. Our engineers work together to create a pool enclosure that is strong enough to withstand severe Florida weather but that still offers a beautiful view. Contact us how to get a free estimate on your enclosure today!

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