5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Florida Pool Enclosures

When you are trying to do what’s best for your property, it’s important that you invest in the best fixtures. A pool is one of the best things you can add to your property. 

The swimming pool market is growing at a 2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the course of the next few years. This means that you have loads of options when purchasing both a pool and the accessories and equipment to go with it. A pool enclosure is a must-have if you’re a Florida resident that owns a pool. 

The tips below will help you out when you’d like to learn more about the core mistakes to avoid when looking into pool enclosure design and making the right purchase. 

1. Forgetting the Full Picture of Florida Weather

Florida is nothing but sunshine and beaches. Right? Not quite. 

While it’s indeed a pleasant place to live, don’t lose sight of the volatile weather that exists in this climate. Get to know Florida hurricane season and the kind of potential damage it creates. The state is home to this form of inclement weather, including tropical storms and harsh heat at times. 

This means you need to invest in pool enclosure materials that will hold up against the worst weather that the state has. 

2. Choosing a Subpar Quality Pool Enclosure Contractor 

The worst thing you can do is hire a pool enclosure pro that is unproven. Put together a list of the best pool enclosure pros in your area so that you can get quality work. 

Get referrals from people that you know who own pool enclosures. This lets you know that the craftsmanship will be top-notch. 

There are plenty of benefits of a pool enclosure installed by a pro, including:

  • Less dirt and algae buildup in your pool
  • Safety by keeping your kids from jumping in the pool unattended
  • It adds a perimeter to your pool that creates separation among your landscape

Ask these pros to show you examples of the previous enclosures they have installed so that you’re crystal clear on the type of work that they perform. 

3. Failing to Compare Prices 

You need to have a pool enclosure budget in place to make sure the work is done correctly and at a great price. A new pool enclosure might cost you between about $6,000 and $12,000 in most situations. Give yourself the chance to shop around by taking at least four to five different price quotes. 

The more time that you put into comparing prices, the easier time you will have putting together a deal that works best for you. 

4. Not Checking Out the Different Pool Enclosure Styles

Your pool enclosure project requires you to explore a few different style choices. Select a pool enclosure that’ll help you get the most from your pool, while also serving as a complement to your property. 

Here are some pool enclosure styles that you might want to take a look at:

  • Dome roof enclosures
  • Hard clear enclosures
  • Iron fences
  • Mansard style 
  • Gable roof enclosures

Visit a showroom to see what kind of enclosure fits your sensibilities. 

5. Neglecting Quality and Forgetting the Warranty

Finally, always make sure that you’re focusing on quality with your pool enclosure. Neglecting craftsmanship and material quality will leave your pool open to potential damage and risk, and it’ll be difficult to keep up with your enclosure over the years. 

Take the time to also add a warranty to it so you can get it cleaned and fixed when necessary. 

Shop for the Best Florida Pool Enclosures

These tips will help you out when you’re looking into Florida pool enclosures. Your pool isn’t complete until you find the best selection and get it installed. This only happens when you have the help of a professional that can put it together for you. 

When you’re looking into choosing the right pool enclosure, give us a call at (727) 585-8441.

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